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Below you can watch the official teaser for the Next Internet Millionaire!
The Emmy Nominated Next Internet Millionaire, produced by Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund, was the webs first internet
marketing reality show and a massive success.  Production took place in the Loveland Colorado area from July through
early December of 2007.
When it came to post
production our team
continued to have a high
level involvement, by
handling a large portion of
the editing and product
creation.  With a small team
we managed to put one
episode out every week for
thirteen episodes.  Each
week a new episode
needed to be completely
edited, scored, and
prepared for broadcast.  In
addition to editing for the
show our team also
handled the editing for the
series of DVDs that would
make up the product.    
Idea Film Factory provided
cameras, audio equipment
and part of the audio/video
crew.  The Filming process
was a grueling two weeks
with days running over
sixteen hours.  Filming an
entire show in such a short
period of time was a
monumental achievement.
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