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    Google loves video and you love
    being found by your potential customers!
    I have personally seen hundreds if not
    thousands of videos getting first page
    Google search results within one day of
    being hosted.  
    Currently Idea Film Factory is offering our
    Web Video Package that includes updates to
    your video with no additional charge for only
    $499 to Lake Havasu Businesses! (Call if in
    surrounding area)
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High end professional production of
your custom video.

Video is easy to share on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube etc.

Free YouTube and Facebook account
setup for your business (
included for a
limited time with new videos.)
Online Video goes beyond what traditional print
and broadcast advertisement can do. Your video
is there 24 hours a day 7 days a week positioned
perfectly to connect your customer to you in a
way that engages them in the sight sound and
experience of what you are all about.  

                                       "Who needs SEO?"
Your $499 gets you a professionally produced video up to 5 minutes in length featuring your product, service
or whatever content your customers are after.  

Hey! business owners in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding areas, you now have an unprecedented opportunity to increase your odds of getting
found by your customers. Being found by customers is key to succeeding in business and video is key to being found! Online video content is never
going to become less important either, in fact just the opposite is true.  Every day millions of people look to their computer or handheld device for video
content. Thats because they know they can quickly find exactly what they want when they want. A recent study released by Google states that
52% of
internet users expect to find video on the websites they visit. The best part about this form of advertising is it doesn't go away and once your video is up
the work is over, nothing to do or pay for at all!
The opportunity is even better in a small size town to have incredible results from properly done
online video because the keyword competition is less.

It is, in fact quite easy to do this for yourself and many business owners have already put up their own videos (some better than others). We believe that
you have a great business and are truly top notch at what you specialize in, but likely thats not video production. When people watch your video you want
to represent yourself as the excellent business you are, that is the why having Idea Film Factory create a professionally done video is the ultimate best
solution. You can feel confident you have made the right choice because we include at no extra charge one update to your video that can be done
anytime within the first year after the original video is made. This ensures that should something come up that needs changes like a price, date or
phone number etc you wont be looking at making a whole new video!

By not taking advantage of the power video has to offer you are loosing out on a truly limitless source of customer
Call 888-707-7595 or Local Call 928-846-7137
or email Ben@ideafilmfactory.com

The video can include your logo and/or graphics however if you require logo or graphic design work these services will be billed

Video titling and transitions are included in the standard production. If you desire a more custom look with special effects or green
screening discuss this with us when you call and we can customize you a quote.

For the standard package we include shooting at one location if you require multiple locations to be shot on video this is also
something that can be customized to fit your needs and should be discussed when you call.
Don't waste another dollar on internet advertising or search engine
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Go to Google and search "Lake Havasu video production"...
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We didn't pay a single dollar to any SEO company or for any AdWords either. That is the power of Video!
This is the same Online Video Package that normally costs in the thousands!
Check the competitions prices and you will see we are crazy for doing this for so little! So
why are we doing this?..... We know that it works and once people see the results they
will be back!
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