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Why We LOVE Photo Video Combos!
We LOVE weddings and we want yours to be the best it can be.  The idea is to give you more time to enjoy your wedding day by making the photo and video part as efficient as
possible yet still properly capturing the
beauty and detail.  When your photographers and cinematographers are working seamlessly together incredible things can happen! You
are able to focus more on enjoying
your wedding day and we are able to work smoothly in capturing it.  

You might also notice there is a slight cost advantage to photo & video combined packages  vs booking them separately.
Movie Trailer: These are 2-3 minute
long previews of your coming
wedding film.  They work great for you
to share on your social media.

Highlights Film: Range from 5 - 10
minutes long depending on package.
These are short films that tell the
story of your wedding day and your

Feature Film: Range from 10 - 25
minutes long depending on package.
A real movie of your wedding day
unfolding in true cinematic beauty.

Documentary Style Edit: For events
like the ceremony or the first dance
we know that you will appreciate
seeing and hearing the entire
moment as it played out.  We edit
these together with all the different
camera angles so you can see
everything you missed on the day of.
Photo & Video