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HoopCamp 2013 Video Ideas

While we are at HoopCamp 2013, we would love to create some ‘side video’ projects for HoopCamp promo use. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. We will add ideas to this page as they come to us, and will be seeking volunteers to appear in each video. Feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea or would like to participate!


Video Ideas for HoopCamp 2013:

  • ‘What’s in Your Suitcase’
  • Hoop Flow Montage
  • ‘Things Hoopers Say’ Hooper Quotes
  • ‘This One Time at HoopCamp’ stories
  • Hooper Fashion Montage



Have you booked your video shoot package for HoopCamp 2013? Contact us, and we can bring your ideas to life!



Contact info: