Lake Havasu Balloon Fest 2014 – The Official Film – “rise” Jan23


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Lake Havasu Balloon Fest 2014 – The Official Film – “rise”

The official film for the 2014 Lake Havasu Balloon Festival. Rise is a story about the beauty and enchantment of the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival.

It starts with 5 year old Jade on his first balloon ride. Watch his perfect flight and enjoy the captivating views from above Lake Havasu. Then take in the awe inspiring spectacle that is the “night glow” followed by another balloon ride aboard Aquatude and capped off with a few shots of the event on field.

Please support our efforts to bring you these films and donate today.  In return for your $10 donation you will recieve a downloadable  copy of the film with no watermark. For a donation of $18 you will get both the download and a DVD mailed to you.

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